What will happen if you hatch your KUMALEON EGG?

You’ll get a KUMALEON (ERC-998) by hatching your KUMALEON EGG, and they both, EGG and hatched KUMALEON, belong to the same collection.

Can I keep the egg unhatched?

Yes, you can. “It’s your choice.”

How do you molt your KUMALEON?

As mentioned earlier, the revealed KUMALEON is an NFT(ERC998), but when you molt your KUMALEON, the gen art will mint as a separate NFT(ERC721). At the same time, the KUMALEON becomes ”naked” in other words.

The background has a different specification, but how is KUMALEON displayed after it is disassembled?
Can I disassemble my KUMALEON immediately after hatching?

No, but we’re working on the official web app and are planning on releasing it in Oct.

The NFT that will mint when you disassemble your KUMALEON will be in the same collection?

It will be another collection.

Are the assembled KUMALEON and the naked KUMALEON in the same collection?

Yes, both “clothed” and “naked” KUMALEON are in the same collection.

What happens to that NFT when you reassemble the gen art skin to the naked KUMALEON?

The Skin NFT will be transferred to the KUMALEON so that the owner will be “KUMALEON”. And the address of KUMALEON(0x8270FC3B2d23DE703b265b2ABE008883954fea8E) is displayed in the "Owned by" on OpenSea.

If I transfer a KUMALEON with skin to someone else, what happens to the owner of the skin NFT?

The owner of the Skin NFT will still remain with KUMALEON, but the new owner will also have control of the Skin NFT, which means the “Root Owner” will be moved.

For example, if User A sells a Kumaleon with skin on OpenSea and User B buys it, then the “owner” of the Kumaleon will be transferred to User B.

What is “Root Owner”?

This is a unique owner concept in ERC998 that exists separately from ERC721 and is used to determine who can operate and handle the Kumaleon Skin NFT.

What is “ERC998”?

ERC998 is the NFT standard that adds “composability” features to ERC721, and is used to hold Skin NFTs for KUMALEON.

Who has control over Skin NFT? Who operates it?

The owner of the KUMALEON that the Skin NFT ties to is the one who can operate to assemble/disassemble. And when a KUMALEON is transferred from User A to User B, only User B can do the disassembling with the skin NFT.

Is Kumaleon compatible with ERC1155 NFTs?

For now, only ERC721 NFTs can be assembled with KUMALEON.

Is there a number limit for Disassemble and Assemble?

It can be done as many times as you wish as long as you hold the NFT.

Does it cost gas to Disassemble and Assemble?

The gas fee is required as you transfer NFTs.

When I have a clothed KUMALEON, can I display only the gen art in the gallery?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that since the owner of the gen art is KUMALEON, but if the gallery that you’re trying to use supports the ERC998 standard, then it will become possible.

Can I assemble all kinds of NFTs onto a KUMALEON?

We currently support only the initial Gen Art series of KUMALEON. But we will expand the number of NFTs that will be supported through collaborations between other NFT collections and artists onboarding our community in the future.